The Farmer’s Almanac says for Morehead City, the coastal area vs. inland New Bern:

FEBRUARY 2015: temperature 46° (avg.); precipitation 3″ (1″ below avg.); Feb 1-7: Rain to snow, then sunny, cold; Feb 8-14: Rainy, mild, then sunny, cold; Feb 15-18: Rain arriving, milder; Feb 19-22: Sunny, cold, then mild; Feb 23-28: Rainy periods, mild.

It’s been more like up and down, up and down, the temperatures. May March NOT coming roaring in like a lion.

MARCH 2015: temperature 53° (2° below avg.); precipitation 6.5″ (2″ above avg.); Mar 1-4: Sunny, cool north; rainy, mild south; Mar 5-10: Rain, then sunny, cold; Mar 11-16: Rainy, cool; Mar 17-22: Showers, turning warm; Mar 23-31: Rainy periods, cool.

Birds feasting

Birds feasting




Highlighted dry dock roping


Deltec home on Pirate's Cove

Deltec home on Pirate’s Cove