Spring is just around the corner – we turn the clocks back in 10 days!

We have had record breaking cold temperatures in the last couple of weeks along with ice and snow.

The Henleys, who live in Vermont, were spotted here at their second home, on Hornigold Ave., right after the ice storm. Wonder which location was colder on that day?

Frosted Trees on Hornigold Ave.

Frosted Trees on Hornigold Ave.

Sun lighting up the Iced Tree

Sunlight on Iced Tree



All the residents of Buccaneer Bay are ready for some nicer temperatures.


It’s a beautiful spring day here. ALMOST BOATING SEASON! We are getting close, please send in your $200.00 check now!

Wed.          5/13/14   Grand Total Collected as of 5/13/14   $13,100.00

Wed.          3/19/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/13/14   $12,600.00

Monday     3/11/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/11/14     $ 12,200.00

Saturday    3/1/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/1/14         $ 11,400.00

Weds        2/27/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/27/14      $ 10,600.00

Sunday    2/23/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/23/14      $  9600.00

Friday      2/21/14    Grand Total Collected as of 2/21/14      $  8600.00

Monday    2/17/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/17/14      $  7000.00

Thursday 2/13/ 14-  Grand Total Collected as of 2/13/14     $  5600.00

Monday 2/10/2014 Grand total Collected as of 2/10/14:    $   4600.00

Just to bring you up to date with our collections of the $200 per lot assessment for the boat ramp.

@ $12,200.00  equals 61 lots having paid $200 assessment out of 80 lots necessary to complete this community project and to resolve many important issues:

  • Safety- no person should go on finger piers, it’s not safe!
  • Potential liabilities to people/vehicles.
  • Property values, all lots were sold with a deeded access to water. No access= less value.
  • Convenience,  the wildlife ramp in Oriental is a much bigger trip
  • Taking care of business thats been put off too long

Please don’t delay. Delays can end up costing us all more $$.  As you can see, we are on a roll and we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!


8-10″ of snow from New Bern to Pamlico county.

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Left to Right: Buddy Westphal, Bob Laverty, Jack Povlich, Wanda Andersen, Jeannine Russo

This year we have an entire new Board of Directors here in Buccaneer Bay. Thanks go out to the retiring board for their years of service to our community. The new board promises to pick up the ball and work to improve property values and make our community a nice place to live.

One thing the community of Buccaneer Bay has is diversity, people from all over the United States, bringing different careers, backgrounds and lifestyles to our neighborhood. That diversity is reflected in the Board of Directors, and so without further ado, let’s get introduced!

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Our Boat Ramp at the start of 2014, still closed after almost 2 years of controversy, inaction and failed attempts

At this time, our boat ramp  is dragging down the property values of our community.  In it’s present form it is unusable and dangerous, a liability to all of us as well.

Pilings at finger pier are unsafe

Pilings at finger pier are unsafe

Picture shows how much fabricated ramp has slipped!

Picture shows how much fabricated ramp has slipped!

So the obvious thing to do is to catch up with a decade of deferred maintenance. Fortunately the new board has experience working with the area’s marine contractors to repair and upgrade existing facilities and has drawn on that experience to come up with a plan to bring things up to snuff. The price for that project will be $200.00 per lot, a small sum compared to the value returned to the property owners, their families, guests and potential buyers of properties in Buccaneer Bay.

Jack gathered information, did the depth soundings and drew graphs and plans.

Jack gathered information, did the depth soundings and drew graphs and plans.

Jack Povlich, a man known for his meticulous work, took depth soundings of the entire 50′ ramp length. He then drew plans and met with contractors to make sure everything was “apples to apples”
The ramp improvements will have a single finger pier to north of ramp. The Ramp itself will be poured concrete that will be placed on a prepared stone base that has been graded to the proper slope.

Given the current (modest) upswing in property values and construction activity, there can be no guarantee that prices will stay the same over an extended time frame. The contractors have given their bids, modified them at the boards request to accurately reflect the plans and are ready to commence. The board has sent out letters to all property owners laying out the details and will be sending out an assessment invoice ASAP. Construction will begin as soon as proper funding is in hand so payment of assessment is critical. Delays may mean an increase in money spent as well as not having part of the core value of our community for another year.

Buccaneer Bay Holiday spirit shines bright this Christmas!

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The Bridge is an important element of our community, many of us look at it every day. Here are many alternate views.

On behalf of the BBPOA Board, I would like to wish all Buccaneer Bay Property Owners a very happy and healthy New Year 2014!  Wanda Anderson-President

This site is brought to you by the Covenant Committee, newly formed at first Board meeting of the Buccaneer Bay Property Owners Association, in November.

Our purpose is to unite all of us neighbors onto the same path; establishing an open dialogue to preserve our property values while maintaining and improving our community.

Happy New Year!

Decorating our Entrance