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We welcome the nice spring weather!  Just a reminder that mowing season has arrived.  If you own a vacant lot, please make arrangements to have your lot(s) mowed/maintained for the upcoming mowing season.
Also, please consider running for a seat on the BBPOA board.  In August 2017, there will be three (3) seats open to the election process.  We need members willing to serve on the Board.  If elected, the term you will serve is for 2 years.  Please let one of the Board members know by the May 15, 2017  if you are willing to have your name on the ballot in August 2017 election.  This is very important as we must have members willing to serve to carry out the Associations activities and business.
Thank you
Wanda Anderson, BBPOA President

Hello BBPOA Members,

The annual meeting is scheduled for 08/13/2016.  The meeting will be held at St. Peter the Fisherman’s Catholic church, 1149 White Farm Rd, Oriental, N.C.  Registration and sign in begins at 9:00 a.m.  This is the same venue that we have used for several years now.  The annual meeting notice packages were mailed out to all members on 07/12/2016.  We hope to see you all at the meeting.  If you have not received your package, please contact one of the Board members and we will email the package to you.

Please consider running for a seat on the BBPOA Board of Directors.  When elected, you serve a 2 year term.  This year we have 2 seats to fill.  In August of 2017, there will be 3 seats to fill.  We need volunteers!

We hope you all have had a great summer!

Wanda Anderson – BBPOA President

The BBPOA Board would like to wish all members a Happy New Year. Best wishes go out to all for a happy and healthy year.

Invoices for the 2016 Annual dues were mailed out on 01/11/2016. The annual dues for 2016 are $35 per lot. Dues should be paid by 01/31/2016.

In 2015 we had 6 lots and 2 homes in the Buccaneer Bay subdivision that sold. That certainly is a good indicator of market improvement. We currently have 3 homes and several lots for sale in the subdivision.

We had such a warm November and December here in Oriental but as of today, (01/12/2016) it really feels like winter!

The next BBPOA quarterly meeting is scheduled for 04/09/2016 at 10 a.m. at the home of BBPOA President, Wanda Anderson. If you would like to attend, please let one of the Board members know of your intent so that space accommodations can be made.

Wanda Anderson

foggy bridge

We often awake to fog these early December mornings, as the temperatures dip 20* below our normal daytime 60ish degrees. This is the weather we were waiting for in October but bypassed us with raw rain.

There’s still room for more members!


The annual meeting for the BBPOA members will be held on August 8, 2015.

Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

Location is St. Peter’s of the Fisherman Catholic Church, Straight Rd., Oriental



Bradford Pear Trees are in bloom!

The mowing contract this year for the common areas of Buccaneer Bay has been awarded to our neighbor, Roy Ferry. He has done an excellent job throughout the years of service to our neighborhood. His fee is $2200 for this year, representing NO increase from last year. Mr. Ferry also offers his services for mowing of individual lots. You would need to contact him directly to contract and pay for his services. He is contracted for the following mowing schedule of common area locations for 2015 as follows:

Road sides 12 x

6 acres 3 x

6 acres driveway 6 x

Entrance sign area weekly

As a reminder to all property owners, based on the restrictive covenants, it is your responsibility to keep your lots maintained and mowed. The current board approaches this issue by putting the responsibility on the property owner to contract and pay for mowing of their property. If a property is not being maintained, the board has the right to have the lot mowed and to charge a $30 administrative fee per mowing in addition to the cost of the mowing. The property owner will be billed and is financially responsible for the cost as we have to use dues paid by all property owners to pay for the mowing of a property. There is then the added cost to the association to bill and try to recover the use of association funds from those owners negligent in their obligation. Therefore, because of the $30 administrative fee, please keep in mind it is less expensive for property owners to manage this responsibility themselves. Having a well maintained subdivision enhances the appeal and overall value of all of our properties.

The camaraderie of the folks who live in or own property in the Buccaneer Bay neighborhood gives us the motivation to take care of our possessions and assist each other when needed. When everyone keeps their options open and works towards a common goal, everyone wins. Our current Board promotes this problem solving method while at the same time, appreciates the difficulty some people have, now that their investment, their dream may have changed. The BBPOA Board serves at your pleasure, to provide sound administration of the covenants so as to protect our neighborhood land and people. Call any of them to discuss your ideas for the improvement of our neighborhood. You’ll be happy with the fast, friendly response. The rewards of living in Buccaneer Bay are many. Come join us!

The Farmer’s Almanac says for Morehead City, the coastal area vs. inland New Bern:

FEBRUARY 2015: temperature 46° (avg.); precipitation 3″ (1″ below avg.); Feb 1-7: Rain to snow, then sunny, cold; Feb 8-14: Rainy, mild, then sunny, cold; Feb 15-18: Rain arriving, milder; Feb 19-22: Sunny, cold, then mild; Feb 23-28: Rainy periods, mild.

It’s been more like up and down, up and down, the temperatures. May March NOT coming roaring in like a lion.

MARCH 2015: temperature 53° (2° below avg.); precipitation 6.5″ (2″ above avg.); Mar 1-4: Sunny, cool north; rainy, mild south; Mar 5-10: Rain, then sunny, cold; Mar 11-16: Rainy, cool; Mar 17-22: Showers, turning warm; Mar 23-31: Rainy periods, cool.

Birds feasting

Birds feasting




Highlighted dry dock roping


Deltec home on Pirate's Cove

Deltec home on Pirate’s Cove

Remember when?


Rotten pier


Double rotting piers




New single pier with composite decking


New cement ramp


We celebrate the completion of the work on the boat ramp and dock!

Work was completed and the boat ramp reopened July 16, 2014. 

Property owners are once again able to enjoy this common area amenity.

New signs was put up at the ramp as well, at the ramp and also at the head of the entrance.

20150225_125805 20150225_130201

While we were able to have the work completed and the ramp reopened, we still have a few property owners who have not paid their assessment for this project.  

We are hopeful that all members will fulfill their obligation by getting their share of this assessment paid as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, if a property owner has not paid their assessment for this project, their privilege to use this amenity is suspended.

Spring is just around the corner – we turn the clocks back in 10 days!

We have had record breaking cold temperatures in the last couple of weeks along with ice and snow.

The Henleys, who live in Vermont, were spotted here at their second home, on Hornigold Ave., right after the ice storm. Wonder which location was colder on that day?

Frosted Trees on Hornigold Ave.

Frosted Trees on Hornigold Ave.

Sun lighting up the Iced Tree

Sunlight on Iced Tree



All the residents of Buccaneer Bay are ready for some nicer temperatures.

It’s a beautiful spring day here. ALMOST BOATING SEASON! We are getting close, please send in your $200.00 check now!

Wed.          5/13/14   Grand Total Collected as of 5/13/14   $13,100.00

Wed.          3/19/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/13/14   $12,600.00

Monday     3/11/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/11/14     $ 12,200.00

Saturday    3/1/14   Grand Total Collected as of 3/1/14         $ 11,400.00

Weds        2/27/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/27/14      $ 10,600.00

Sunday    2/23/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/23/14      $  9600.00

Friday      2/21/14    Grand Total Collected as of 2/21/14      $  8600.00

Monday    2/17/14   Grand Total Collected as of 2/17/14      $  7000.00

Thursday 2/13/ 14-  Grand Total Collected as of 2/13/14     $  5600.00

Monday 2/10/2014 Grand total Collected as of 2/10/14:    $   4600.00

Just to bring you up to date with our collections of the $200 per lot assessment for the boat ramp.

@ $12,200.00  equals 61 lots having paid $200 assessment out of 80 lots necessary to complete this community project and to resolve many important issues:

  • Safety- no person should go on finger piers, it’s not safe!
  • Potential liabilities to people/vehicles.
  • Property values, all lots were sold with a deeded access to water. No access= less value.
  • Convenience,  the wildlife ramp in Oriental is a much bigger trip
  • Taking care of business thats been put off too long

Please don’t delay. Delays can end up costing us all more $$.  As you can see, we are on a roll and we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!