Bradford Pear Trees are in bloom!

The mowing contract this year for the common areas of Buccaneer Bay has been awarded to our neighbor, Roy Ferry. He has done an excellent job throughout the years of service to our neighborhood. His fee is $2200 for this year, representing NO increase from last year. Mr. Ferry also offers his services for mowing of individual lots. You would need to contact him directly to contract and pay for his services. He is contracted for the following mowing schedule of common area locations for 2015 as follows:

Road sides 12 x

6 acres 3 x

6 acres driveway 6 x

Entrance sign area weekly

As a reminder to all property owners, based on the restrictive covenants, it is your responsibility to keep your lots maintained and mowed. The current board approaches this issue by putting the responsibility on the property owner to contract and pay for mowing of their property. If a property is not being maintained, the board has the right to have the lot mowed and to charge a $30 administrative fee per mowing in addition to the cost of the mowing. The property owner will be billed and is financially responsible for the cost as we have to use dues paid by all property owners to pay for the mowing of a property. There is then the added cost to the association to bill and try to recover the use of association funds from those owners negligent in their obligation. Therefore, because of the $30 administrative fee, please keep in mind it is less expensive for property owners to manage this responsibility themselves. Having a well maintained subdivision enhances the appeal and overall value of all of our properties.

The camaraderie of the folks who live in or own property in the Buccaneer Bay neighborhood gives us the motivation to take care of our possessions and assist each other when needed. When everyone keeps their options open and works towards a common goal, everyone wins. Our current Board promotes this problem solving method while at the same time, appreciates the difficulty some people have, now that their investment, their dream may have changed. The BBPOA Board serves at your pleasure, to provide sound administration of the covenants so as to protect our neighborhood land and people. Call any of them to discuss your ideas for the improvement of our neighborhood. You’ll be happy with the fast, friendly response. The rewards of living in Buccaneer Bay are many. Come join us!